​  La Finca Blanca

Privacy Policy

Our privacy practice


We will collect any personal information about you in a fair and lawful way, we will not disclose this to third parties unless required to do so by law.  The information we collect from you is collected with your consent, and we will only collect personal information such as your name and address and email/telephone number. If we use your email address to send you marketing material about La Finca Blanca, we will only do so with your express consent,. We are also committed to protecting your personal information from unauthorised access or use by ensuring that the necessary safeguards are in place.


Some parts of our site are protected by CCTV. We record images and keep them for a short period of time after which they are destroyed. The purpose of this is to assist in the elimination of risk and assist the authorities in the event of theft or fire. Cameras only monitor outdoor areas.


We do not post photographs of our guests on-line or on any social media platform. Where we may use models in our marketing material their consent has been freely given. Likewise, we would draw your attention to our House Rules which require all our guests to respect one another’s privacy when taking or recording images.


If you have any question regarding our privacy policy, or you would like to know more about how we might use your personal information, or indeed for opting-out of any marketing offers we might make from time to time, then please contact us.

Telephone / Wassap / Whatsapp  +34 698 91 98 45